East Haugh Salmon Fishing Beat - River Tummel

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East Haugh Salmon Fishing East Haugh Beat Pitlochry

The beat is situated two miles downstream from Pitlochry Dam, close to the A9 trunk road which provides a fast link to Perth, 24 miles to the south. Pitlochry is a small town set amidst spectacular scenery, offering a wide range of recreational facilities including the famous Festival Theatre situated on the right bank of the Tummel and adjacent to the fish ladder.

The Fishings and Fishing Policy
The beat comprises of 1.5 miles, both banks, of the River Tummel, which is a major tributary of the River Tay. Salmon fishing commences on 15Th January and closes on 15Th October. Fresh fish enter the beat from early January, but as salmon will not ascend the fish ladder at Pitlochry until late April there is a build up of fish in the beat in the early part of the season.
The number of let rods is limited to 6 and any legal method of fishing is permitted. Because of the size of the river in the springtime many anglers are deterred from fly-fishing. However, more fish per hour of fishing time are still caught on the fly at this time of year.
From 15 June to 30 September inclusive, the no of let rods is restricted to 4 per day. This reduction in rods enables all anglers to have plenty of low water, late evening and early morning fishing, when the greatest number of grilse and sea trout are passing through.
The owners retain 1 rod for the season.
It is the policy of the owners to give booking priority to the previous year’s tenants.

The Beat
The beat consists of seven named pools in which wading is generally good. The banks are largely open and unobstructed but anglers will require chest waders to cover the water effectively at normal water heights A new hut has been erected to replace the “black” hut on the right bank. Regular tenants may use both fishing huts by prior arrangement. If you use these facilities please leave the huts clean and tidy as you found them and make sure that they are locked.

Anglers are advised to provide their own buoyancy aid (or life jacket), eye protection, a hat and a wading staff when fishing.

For the 2004 season the catches were vastly improved from last year with good quality fish and grilse being caught up to the end of July. There was a lull in August and “back end” fish returning to numbers reminiscent of former times with several fish being caught in September / October, the quality of these fish meant that most were returned to the river but good sport was experienced by anglers fishing during these months. The number of fish ascending the ladder at Pitlochry was about average for the season and it is anticipated that quite a lot of fish will spawn in the beat.

Left bank - Approximately 1.5 miles north of Ballinluig, a track is located in a cutting to the left of the dual carriageway directly opposite the sign posted road junction to East Haugh. (A metal gate is positioned at the entrance). 200 yards along this track there is a turning area and a parking area. Access to the river is via a pedestrian level crossing over the railway. This is about the middle of the beat and the pool adjacent to the hut is Peg Legs Corner. Please do not park at the turning circle adjacent to the crossing.

Right bank - The river is accessible using the track that passes through Tomdachoille Farm. Access to this track is from the Pitlochry to Ballinluig road on the south side of the river. Take the track past Tomdachoille Farm (please leave the 2 gates at the farm in the position you find them and take care traversing the farm compound as there may be young children playing in this area) down to the riverside and park in the vicinity of the hut. There is a track through the wood to the bottom of the beat, which may be used to access the bottom 2 pools. Park at the cleared area adjacent to the track at the middle of Moulinearn pool.

Voluntary Catch and Release
The Tay district Salmon Fisheries Board is promoting a voluntary catch and release programme for multi- sea winter fish. The main proposals and recommendations are that from the start of the season to 30th April a maximum of one fish per angler a day should be taken home. From 1st May until 31st August- all grilse under 56 cm. in length can be taken. All other fish should be treated as above. From 1st September to end of season two fish per angler per day can be retained. All red fish and gravid fish should to be returned to the river. Full particulars will be available at the fishing huts.

General Conditions
Tenants are expected to observe the country code and to fish in a sportsmanlike manner. All kelts and gravid fish must carefully be returned to the river. Please NOTE holding a fish up by the tail to admire/photograph it will seriously injure the fish. We would encourage tenants to return all coloured fish to the river.

D Reid, Rivaldsgreen Cottage, Barkhill Road, Linlithgow, EH49 6HL U.K. Tel. 01506 843677
within seven days.

Letting :-

Bookings may be made through D Reid at the above address and will be reserved for a period of 7 days. Should payment in full not be received in this period, the booking will lapse. Refunds due to cancellation will only be made if the fishing can be re-let. A charge of 10% will be deducted from the refund to cover administration. Cheques should be made payable to EAST HAUGH ANGLING CLUB.



15 January/ 31 March

1 April/

30 April

1 May /

31st May

1st June /

30 Sept.

1 October/

15 October

†Single rod (week days)

£ 16.00

£††† 40.00

£†† 45.00

£†† 20.00


†Single rod (Saturdays)

£ 21.00

£††† 50.00

£†† 52.00

£†† 25.00


†Single rod for 1 week

£ 72.00

£† 215.00

£† 230.00

£ 100.00


†6 rods on 1 day

†(week days)

£ 81.00

£† 215.00

£† 230.00



†6 rods on 1 day

( Saturdays)


£ 270.00

£† 278.00



†6 rods for 1 week

†( if available)






†4 rods for 1 day

(Not Saturdays)




£†† 65.00


4         rods for 1 week

†(if available)




£ 360.00


East Haugh Salmon Fishing Beat



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