Fishing restrictions on the Rivers Dochart, Lochay and Loch Tay

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Loch Tay

The Killin and Breadlabane Angling club has done an extraordinary job over the years in assembling trout and coarse fishing and making it available to the public. If waters are not administered by the club then they are let directly by the owners. The Tay is covered by a protection order under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Scotland) Act 1976 which aims to both protect the fish and guarantee public access. Access to trout and coarse fishings is incredibly wide around Killin, but there are a few exceptions by reason of safety, privacy and common sense.

The exclusion zones are:

River Lochay
In the immediate vicinity of Power Stations and Hydro works. (approx. 700m)
The grounds of Boreland House (approx.1 km)
52 kilometers of main stem banks available.
Access is thus available for 96% of this water.

River Dochart
In the built up areas of Killin itself where many houses and private gardens back onto the river. (approx. 1.5km)
A single pool below the Bridge of Lochay that the owner wishes to keep private. (approx. 300m)
The area immediately around Auchlyne House (approx 500m of the left bank)
40 kilometers of main stem banks available.
Access is thus available for 95% of this water.

West end of Loch Tay (east end is administered by ELTAC)
The harbour at Fir Bush (approx. 300m)
The harbour at Milton Morenish (approx. 300m)
The harbour at the Boys Brigade Center at Ardeonaig (approx. 500m)
The private frontage at Fiddlers Bay by Fat Man (approx. 500m)
The private frontage at Camusurich (approx. 200m)
The private frontage at Finlarig (approx. 300m)
22 kilometers of bank available
Access is thus available for 90% of this water.

The Officers of Killin and Breadalbane Angling club are to be congratulated for their sterling efforts to ensure that public access is guaranteed..


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