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River Tay
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River Tay

(Beat No. 79 Left\ East Bank)

Grid ref. NO 006 432 - NO 027 426

Cathederal Stream


Ivy Tree

Rock Pool

Carrot Beds

Ferry Pool

Rock Pool Stream

Kings Ford

Calligan Croy

Lady Pool

Cutty Stone

Green Point

Grey Stone

Mouse Trap

Back of Inver

Broken Bank



Fifey Bank

Cathedral Stream

Gauge Tree

Sandy Pool

Hilton Dunkeld House Hotel Resort
Tel. 01350 727 771
Fax 01350 728 924


Salmon Fishings

The Hilton Dunkeld House Resort Hotel owns two miles of double bank fishing from Dunkeld Bridge upstream and can accommodate up to twelve rods fishing from bank and boat.







At Dunkeld you get a very good choice of both water and scenery. It's mainly spinning from the bank in Spring, using fairly heavy tackle; nylon of 15-20lbs bs. and anything from 18g - 40g lures.

The Hotel water is fished as two beats, which rotate at lunch time; i.e.. Upper Beat am and Lower Beat pm. You should fish from the top of each pool and move downstream. This gives every angler a chance to fish every pool. Some pools can be 70m wide, but at this time of year almost all the fish are hooked close to the bank, so you don't need distance casting. Even the inexperienced angler can master this kind of fishing and have the chance in a short time to hook a "Tay Springer" of 20lbs or more.

Harling is an alternative to bank fishing. You only find this kind of fishing on the Tay. It involves fishing from a boat and this helps the inexperienced a lot, as well as the elderly or physically handicapped.

At this time of year there are a lot of Kelts (spent salmon) which are going back to sea after spawning. Sometimes they will take a lure aggressively, but by law they must be carefully unhooked and returned to the water.

At a pinch you could describe Spring fly fishing as "demanding"! You usually need fly rods of 16-20' with fast sinking lines and heavy tube flies. Not really for the novice.


When the snow melts the water temperature starts to rise. This makes the salmon more active and prone to chase lures, so you need lighter tackle and fish your lure more quickly.; it makes it more attractive to the fish.. Most of the fish caught at this time are grilse in the 4-7lbs range, but there's always a good chance of hooking a big summer fish, so don't fish with nylon lighter than 12lb breaking strain.

Summer time usually heralds the start of serious fly fishing as the water temperature climbs above 50 degrees and the "magical gap" between air and water temperature is achieved. This usually involves wading the river and that can be quite dangerous. Be careful if you try this. We can offer you some good fishing in low water conditions with one or two easily fished pools for the inexperienced angler. This is great fishing especially in the late evening.

During June and July an ever increasing head of sea trout enter the beat and can make for excellent sport in the late evening. Single handed fly rod and floating line, with nylon of 6-10lbs would be best.

Alternatively we can arrange salmon fishing on a nearby loch within the Atholl Estate from May 1st to September 30th. The loch contains some excellent land locked salmon and large rainbow trout, which can be fished from the bank or the boat.


The main autumn run of salmon enters the beat during early September, eagerly taking fly and spinner alike. As the water rises, it's usually best to increase the tackle strength, using nylon of 15-18lbs. September and October usually offer the best chance of catching a Tay Salmon, with some large runs of fish coming through the beats.

Tuition From June 1st to August 31st you can have any kind of fly fishing and spinning tuition. Our Head Ghillie is a qualified SANA Game Fishing Instructor with many years experience. It does not matter if you're experienced or a novice , you can have tuition by the hour on a one to one basis or in small groups. There is also a beginners' course which lasts about three hours. As the demand for these courses keeps growing, it's best to book in advance.

Ring the hotel on 01350 728 370 and ask for Fishing Bookings.

Provisional bookings can be made by telephone. You will need to confirm a definite booking in writing within 7 days and please send full payment.

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Trout Fishing

Trout fishing on this beat is owned by the Hotel. Guests have first call on permits. Two rods are allowed when the beat is being fished for salmon, but when there are no salmon fishers five rods are allowed. Fishing is fly only. There is no bag limit. Trout under 9" to be returned. Sunday fishing is allowed but night fishing requires special arrangement.


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