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You must collect permits and report to the Tackle room before fishing.

You can get advice from the Ghillies between 8.30 am and 9.00 am.

The permits allow you to fish between 9 in the morning and 5 in the evening. You should consult the Ghillie if you would rather fish at some other time.

The permit specifies UPPER and LOWER. This tell you which beat you start fishing on. Change over at 1pm.

You should carry your permit at all times.

TACKLE ROOM - Our tackle room is available for all anglers to dress/undress when they are fishing with us. We are very sorry, but we cannot accept liability for any rods, reels etc. which you leave in the room.

SAFE STORAGE OF EQUIPMENT - Talk to the Ghillie about this.

TACKLE SALES - There is a good supply of new tackle in the tackle room. The Ghillies will give you any help you may need.

lLURES - The Ghillies can give you advice. Please note that the prawn is now banned on the Tay.

GAFFS - are forbidden - that's the local rule.

SPINNING AND FLY - are both permitted on our stretch.. The Upper Beat is best for the fly, the Lower for spinning.

FREEZING/SMOKING - Tell the ghillie if you would like your catch to be smoked. Dunkeld has its own famous smokehouse which can smoke your salmon in approximately 3 days.

CLOTHING - The Hotel has a limited amount of suitable clothing available. If you have any special requirements please tell us in advance.

PACKED LUNCHES - We do fabulous packed lunches. Just ask the Ghillies or reception for what you would like the day before.

Code of Conduct


As you know, a fisherman likes to keep to the same rules.
Here they are then:

Please keep to the beat you have been given and ensure that you change to the other beat after lunch (1pm).

You normally fish each pool in turn, starting at the top and gradually moving downstream.

When fishing a pool please ensure that you stay well away from other anglers. Don't start fishing a pool downstream of other anglers in the same pool.

The boat is always on the move and must have right of way at all times. Anglers should not race the boat downstream as it approaches.

Please remember that salmon anglers must have right of way over trout anglers. We'd appreciate your help here.


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