Findynate & Cloichfoldich Fishing Beats

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River Tay
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River Tay

(Beat 66a & 66c Both Banks)

NN 893 524 - NN 905 529


Findynate Estate

Findynate lies in the rural seclusion of Strathtay amid the beautiful scenery of Highland Perthshire. It is minutes drive from the tourist centres of Pitlochry and Aberfeldy.


Salmon Fishing

Findynate is noted as being one of the most attractive stretches of fly water on the Upper Tay.

The fishing comprises two beats: Findynate and Cloichfoldich. Each beat offers a variety of water that can be fished at any height and will produce fish throughout the season.

Each beat is half a mile in length, providing double bank and boat fishing for 3 or 4 rods. Bait fishing is not permitted on either beat. Spinning is allowed in certain conditions.

The beats are fished on alternate days.

21lb Salmon
Cloichfoldich Pool Feb 2001


Findynate Beat

The beat is made up of three main pools: Findynate, Big Stone and The Fiddle,all offering excellent fly water and will produce fish throughout the season.

Findynate Pool is 350m long with numerous lies fishable from both banks or boat in any water level. It is suitable for harling in high water.

Big Stone is 150m long with lies fishable from the bank in medium and low heights. However it does produce fish in high water.

The Fiddle is a faster run of water with lies at its head and tail. It is best fished in medium and low water.


Findynate Pool

Biog Stone


Cloichfoldich Beat

Again the beat is made up of 3 main pools: Cloichfoldich, The Pot and The Craggan all providing attractive fly fishing throughout the season.

Cloichfoldich is 250m long with lies that cab be fished from both banks or boat in any conditions. It is also suitable for harling in higher water.

The Pot, although a small pool can be fished from the bank at most heights.

The Craggan is an excellent run of fly water best suited to medium and low levels. However one part will hold fish in high water. In low water the run extends to form the Lower Craggan, a lovely low water pool.


General Information

Daily or weekly lets are welcome for single Rods or Parties. Half day lets may be arranged subject to availability. Wild brown trout fishing is also available. Ghillie service is available with prior notice. Tackle sales, hire and tuition can also be arranged. Current catch and release recommendations and Tay District Angling Code apply. Both beats are accessible by car.

Findynate enjoyed its best spring for 5 years in 2001 following on from an excellent grilse run the previous year. The future for Tay stocks looks bright with nets being bought out, stocking programs in place and a high natural spawning over the past winters.

Fishing Hut

Terms and Conditions


Day Tickets

15th January - 31st March


1st April - 30th June


1st July - 15th October


Ghillie Services


Editors comment: This represents excellent value for such attractive water.

The Fiddle

Contact information

David Stirling
Findynate Lodge

Tel. 01887 840216

Mob. 0775 9303725



Editors Comments

Having driven down the valley many many times I had often wondered what lay behind the trees, and what a find awaited me.

This is a beautifully secluded beat set beneath the steep wooded banks. It is thus well sheltered from the wind and furthermore many of the pools will have that all important shade at different times of day. Inspite of its seclusion there is excellent access by car to the two fishing huts. After the disasterous season inflicted on us through foot and mouth it was a delight to find such a well managed beat which is being given further investment (a brand new fishing hut went in this year and its an excellent one).

The banks are well maintained and a pleasure to fish. The beats are absolutely stuffed with features with both croys and an abundance natural rock formations. The whole lot looks fishy. It lies just upstream of the falls of Grandtully, making it a highly likely place to catch a fish.

As for the prices... this must be some of the best value salmon fishing on the whole of the Tay.. You must give it a try.

The Hut

Trout & Coarse Fishing

Trout and coarse fishing (including grayling) on this beat is administered by Aberfeldy AC. Two rods are available on each bank. Fishing is by fly only from dawn to dusk. Adults £5/day or £15/week. Sunday fishing is allowed. 4 fish bag limit. All trout under 10" to be returned.

Permits are available from:

Wade News Agents
31 Bank Street
Tel. 01887 820 397
Open 7 Days/week


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