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River Tay fishing

(Beat 55 Both Banks)

Grid ref. NN 772 455 - NN 782 468



Kenmore Bridge Fishing on the Kenmore Beat starts at the Kenmore Bridge and offers double bank fishing on four named pools to the Chinese Bridge.


Hotel Pool PictureThe first pool - the "Hotel pool" is the venue for the official opening of the salmon season in Scotland on January 15th. Being the last pool before the loch this is often a good place to catch a resting fish. Harling underneath the bridge is a popular method while wading at the head and tail of the pool is also easy. This is a very deep pool (15 feet even in low water). During the trout season disabled anglers, senior citizens and juniors can obtain a permit at very little cost for this pool.


Dairy Pool PictureThe "Dairy" is excellent fly water, having 3 croys and some good boulders lying in the bed where fish often lie. Set amid mature beech trees it offers good shelter in high winds. On the north bank it is possible to fish the entire length of the pool without wading. On the south bank is a large boulder which is a favourite resting place for kelts.




Ladies Pool Picture Another pool of note is the "Ladies Pool". It was so named because it is so easy to fish that a lady in a long dress might wander over from the castle and expect to catch a fish without getting dirty! An angler's seat is set amidst mature shrubs which give off an intense perfume in early summer. Kingfishers nest just above this pool.


Chinese Pool Picture The "Chinese Pool" is a very pretty pool which on the south bank offers easy wading and some good lies. It takes its name from the Chinese concubine who lived across the bridge, built by Lord Breadalbane so that he might visit her by horse back rather than have to travel all the way into the village. This pool has plenty of space for a back cast, is very sheltered and is often used for teaching.


Opening Day

Beat Map

Fishery Reports

Opening Day Information Kenmore Beat Map Fishery Reports

Salmon Fishing

The Kenmore Beat is let by day ticket with pools allocated to rods daily.
A ghillie is available (£40) if booked in adavance.



Hotel Residents

January 15th

£30 to Tay Foundation

£30 to Tay Foundation

Rest of Season

From £25

From £19

15th October

£30 to Tay Foundation

£30 to Tay Foundation

Residents of the Kenmore Hotel are offered prefered rates, if they are using this beat.

Salmon fishing permits from:


The Kenmore Hotel
The Square
PH15 2NU
Tel 01887 830 205
Fax 01887 830 262

Visit the Kemore Hotel website.


5 year Catch Statistics

5 year Catch Stats

As of 1999

Monthly 5 year Average

Trout and Coarse Fishing

Trout and coarse fishing permits are available from Taymouth AC. Grayling are not present. The occaisional pike is taken from the Hotel Pool, but pike fishing is better on Loch Tay especially as the west end where there is more weed .

Trout and Coarse Permits from:

The Post Office
1 The Square
PH15 2HH
Tel 01887 830 765
Open 7 Days/week

For further information and bookings please contact the Hotel on 01887 830 205


Winter grayling and coarse fishing permits for this beat (out of the trout season only) are issued by Aberfeldy AC.

Winter Coarse and Grayling Permits are available from:

Wade News Agents
31 Bank Street
Tel. 01887 820 397
Open 7 Days/week


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