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Atlantic Salmon Conservation


Brown Trout Conservation

The Atlantic salmon is of vital importance to the economy of the region bringing in over £12m each year. Some 50,000 salmon are caught by anglers every year across the catchment. An increasing number of these fish are returned alive (1999 some 10%). But most authorities agree that anglers should put back more.


The conservation of brown trout is frequently overlooked. On most beats there are good numbers of brownies, but there are places where fishing pressure has reduced numbers. There is an increasing tendency towards catch and release, and some of the more pressured beats are introducing compulsory catch and release. Stocking by the angling clubs was very popular in the past, but more recent scientific reports suggest that this may not always be the best policy







A wide range of measures are already in place to protect salmon stocks. The most important of which are:

Fishing Permits
Close Seasons
Sunday Fishing
Prawn and Shrimp Ban
Catch and Release Recommendations


The most important legal protection for brown trout is provided by the Protection Order. Order are in place on the the Tay, Lyon, Dochart, Lochay, Braan, Almond, Tummel and Earn. In practice it means that all anglers must have a fishing permit, while land owners are required to make permits available.


Practical Advice

  • Put all fish back!

  • Use tackle commensurate with the size of fish. If its too light the fish can become stressed.

  • Get the fish into the bank as quickly as possible.

  • Barbless single hooks cause less damage. Or crush the barbs down. Micro barbs work well.

  • Carry forceps or pliers to remove hooks.

  • Wet your hands before touching a fish - it reduces damage to the "slime" which protects the fish.

  • Try not to remove a fish from water.

  • If removed from water support the body of the fish.

  • Do not hold salmon up by the tail if it is to be returned as this can break the spine.

  • Try not to touch the gills - they are very sensitive.

  • Use an unhooking mat if the fish is to be placed on the bank.

  • Fish should be killed quickly using a heavy priest or by cutting the gill arch.

  • If the fish is bleeding badly or hooked in the eye it is unlikely to recover and should be killed.

See also

Herring Alliance

Herring Alliance
Atlantic herring are food for whales and dolphins ? and the larger fish we love to eat ? tuna, haddock, codfish and striped bass. But an industrial-scale fishing fleet is jeopardizing this key resource with impacts to the ecosystem. Herring Alliance is working to protect marine wildlife and the ecosystem. Join our efforts.

Game Conservancy Trust

Game Conservancy Trust
Conservation through wise use, a registered charity researching the ecology of game species.

Tay Ghillies Association

Tay Ghillies Association
The Tay Ghillies Association was formed in October 1998 in response to continued declines in salmon stocks on the Tay system. Not only does this pose a threat to the sport of angling, but it places in jeopardy the livelihoods of many river keepers and ghillies - the very people who look after the river.

Anglers Conservation Association

Anglers Conservation Association
The only voluntary association fighting pollution and protecting anglers interests.


Tay Board 1999 Recommendations
Advice on Catch and Release

NASCO North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organistation

North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation
The North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (NASCO) is an international organization established under the Convention for the Conservation of Salmon in the North Atlantic Ocean which entered into force on 1 October 1983. The objective of the Organization is to contribute through consultation and cooperation to the conservation, restoration, enhancement and rational management of salmon stocks

Salmon & Trout Association

Salmon and Trout Association
Guardians of Game Fishing


Atlantic Salmon Trust


Their fisheries section deals only with the high seas.. to find out whats really going on try their search facility for "angling" or more specific subjects.


Scottish Environmental Protection Agency


Scottish Office Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory
(Commonly called "Faskally")

Wild Trout Society

Wild Trout Society now The Wild Trout Trust
The Wild Trout Society was created on 1 March 1997 in order to conserve the wild trout of Britain and Ireland through the protection and restoration of their habitats.

Catch And Release Program

Catch And Release Program. Useful information for anglers.

Wye and Usk Foundation

Wye and Usk Foundation
The Wye & Usk Foundation is a charity concerned with restoring the habitat, water quality and fisheries of the rivers Wye and Usk. The Foundation is more than just a lobbying organisation: through a series of partnership projects, we are raising significant sums of money to remedy problems such as habitat degradation, poor water quality and diffuse pollution, barriers to fish migration and over-exploitation of our fisheries.

Mid Wales, Monmouthshire and Herefordshire




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