Trout and Salmon Fishing on Central Loch Tay

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Loch Tay Central

Much of the bank fishing at the central part of Loch Tay is administered by East Loch Tay Angling Club (ELTAC). Trout and coarse fishings extend from Fearnan on the north shore. There are 9 kilometers of bank fishing available on the central beat and 7 kilometers on the east beat. Most fishing is for trout. Pike have been recorded to 20lb, but they are relatively rare as there is little weed. There are a few perch and eels. Arctic charr are present, but nobody fishes for them.

Access to the North Shore

Access to the South Shore
Parking is available in Acharn, but the minor road along the south shore is narrow and parking is at a premium.

Fly Fishing
Many of the banks are wooded which makes fly-fishing a challenge. Perhaps the best line of attack for this technique it to wear light chest wadders and a ruck sack for odds and ends. This way a lot of water can be covered while you keep on the move. The chesties allow you to create a little more space for a back cast. A good roll cast is invaluable, especially at dusk when the better fish move into the shallows. Mark Bowler and Andrew Mactaggart, two locals regularly fish the Loch by float tube and have had as many as 120 trout to a rod of an evening. The trick is to find someone prepared to give you a lift in a boat. This allows you to fish parts that will hardly have seen a fly. If they are not too busy try Croft na Caber or the Loch Tay Boating Center.

Bait Fishing
Bait fishing is popular. Many clubs arrange for a bus to drop and pick up their anglers, thus getting around the parking problem and making it easier for large numbers to spread out.

Boat Fishing
This is by far the best way to approach the loch. Boats can be hired from Highland Lodges , Remony Estate and The Loch Tay Boating Center.
Boat Fishing Advice
Fishing is usually by trolling or drifting. When trolling it is advisable to follow the drop off which runs around the loch about 30-50m out. Hot spots are many, but the best are on the south shore opposite Fearnan. Ferox trout of 16lb 13lb and 12lb have been caught and released in this area.

Boat Safety
Loch Tay is an immense water which runs for 14 miles from the south west to the north east between high mountains. The weather can change dramatically in the space of half an hour and with mountains on either side a good wave can build up. If you are not familiar with small boats or the loch the best advice is to take a ghillie.

Boats should use the international system for passing .. keep the other boat on your left.

Salmon Fishing
Salmon Fishing is almost exclusively done by boat, with permits issued by riparian owners. Any boat fishing for salmon must display a right number on the hull. For salmon fishing the loch is divided into three beats west/central/east.

Moorings and Slipway
Both Croft na Caber and the Loch Tay Boating Center have slipways on which craft can be launched for a nominal fee. Neither the beach nor the Dalherb parking place should be used for launching.

Some bank areas are excluded for reasons of safety, security and privacy. The areas excluded are:

  • From the jetty at NN714441 for about 2Km to the Letterellan boat house. This area is directly opposite the built up area of Fearnan and consists mostly of gardens.

Thus the club ensures fishing on 16km of bank with 1km offered by Remony. Around 80% of the East and Central beats are thus open to anglers..


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