Perth & District Angling Club Rules

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1. Members shall behave in a sportsman-like manner at all times.

2. Membership of the Association shall be open to:-

  • Owners and Lessor of Fishings - Honorary

  • Anglers - Annual subscription £50, New members - Entry Fee £15; plus annual subscription. (Subject to yearly review).

  • Juniors (16 years of age and under) - Annual Subscription £10/ Entry Fee £10. (Subject to yearly review).

  • Old Age Pensioners, on joining will pay £10 Entry Fee plus Annual Subscription of £30, thereafter Annual Subscription £30.

  • Guest Members (Details of supplementary rules available from Secretary on request).

Membership Fees are payable by 1st December each year. If not paid by 31st December membership will lapse. From 5th January onwards places will be made available to new applicants for Guest Membership.

3. The Committee shall have the power to accept or reject any application for membership.

4. Following any complaint about the conduct of a member, if the office bearers, after interviewing the member and after such investigations and consultations as they deem necessary, consider there is a prima facie case of misconduct, the member shall be suspended until the Committee consider his case. The Committee Meeting (to which the member shall be invited) will be convened as soon as possible but where it is known that prosecution is pending then the outcome of such prosecution will be awaited. After hearing the member the Committee shall decide either to lift the suspension, or expel the member, and shall inform him accordingly. Any member convicted of a poaching offence shall be expelled.

5. Members who fail to send in their Angling Return could forfeit membership.

6. No angler shall cut in front of another when fishing a pool, but each angler shall take his turn in order of his arrival at any pool or stream.

7. All fish nine inches and under and all foul hooked fish are to be carefully returned.

8. Membership is confined to anglers who permanently reside within 15 miles of Perth (Full Members) or who are nominated as Guest Members. Membership will be limited to 500. Any member who has 5 years of continuous membership may retain membership at the appropriate subscription regardless of their place of residence.

9. When a member loses his membership card the circumstances shall be immediately reported to the Secretary. A duplicate will be issued at the discretion of the Committee and a charge of £5 will be made.

10. Membership cards must be produced to Tackle shops when obtaining fishing permits.

11. Those members able to fish daily should avoid taking weekend permits to allow fair access to fishing.

12. Members can only take one permit a day.

13. The use of fish finders is prohibited on all fishing available to the Association.


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