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April 1999

River Tay - Kenmore, Castle, Point and Bolfracks Beats

River still running a touch on the high side - clear as a bell and perfect for running fish. We don't often see running fish in high water around Kenmore. But this year we have been fortunate to see a few, especially as they come through the Chinese Bridge. Reports from the Killin end confirm that good numbers are going through.

We opened our April account with a 10lb fish by Bill Forest. This was Bill's first fish on the fly and it fell to a Willie Gunn from the tail of Ford. Several other fish have also been lost. Charlie Forbes lost one from the Head of the Chinese - unusual since most fish are touched at the tail of this pool in high water. Around mid month we has a cold snap with a few inches of snow on the ground.

Mr. Alan Smith persisted in the snow flurries and was rewarded with a beautiful 12 1/2 pound fish from the Chinese. This was Alan's first fish on the fly and fell to a heavy waddington.

Bob Cunningham a regular on the water took a 10 1/2 lb salmon from the Castle Pool on the fly. This pool is often overlooked by anglers, but as Bob proved is worth a cast. Much of the pool is too fast, but at the head is a nice slack where a resting fish can often be found and in the tail are some interesting runs and pots. As Bob proved it can be well worth hunting through the more unusual spots. #

17th April Bob McIntyre took a 24lb salmon from the Point on an Ally's shrimp variant. This particular fly has accounted for a good few fish on the water. It is tied with yellow and orange hair for the tail and has a copper body palmered with orange hen hackle with an additional beige hen hackle at the head. The fish was returned unharmed.

Craig Morris landed a 9lb salmon from the Point using a toby on 22nd April.


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