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February 1999

River Tay - Kenmore, Castle, Point and Bolfracks Beats

It snowed and heavy frosts caused the river to fall. The snow melted and the river rose. Then it snowed again. etc.. etc.. etc .. In short we had variable water conditions throughout the month. At time of writing the sleet is again falling. The river is just over the banks on the Hotel Pool, which looks in fine order. Tail of Chinese and tail of Ford also look good. A few fresh fish have been seen by the rods today, but nobody was able to tangle with them. Most of the kelts seem to have gone now. Those that have been touched have been big.

No salmon to report for the month, but we did have one notable capture: Gwydion Williams landed and returned a sea trout kelt of approximately 14lb! What a corker. And they say we don't get sea trout this far up!

Sea trout kelt

An on the last day of the month Mark Buglass took a one and a half pound sea trout from the Hotel Pool on a black and silver Toby (black and silver or gold seems to be the solution at the moment). Bob lost a really good fish in the Hotel Pool a couple of days ago. The fish took off 100 yards of line, he managed to bring it back, but the next run was catastrophic. The fish smashed 20lb test line as if it was cotton. No kelt that one! Only other explanation is that it was foul hooked, but we don't think so as the runs it made were uncharacteristic of such a fish.

The other good news from the Estate is that we are refurbishing a new fishing hut! Those that are familiar with the old "shed" at the Point will be more than pleased. We have taken over one of the old civil defence buildings next to the Chinese pool. The new hut has an open fire, a drying room and a meeting room. So far we have the new floor down, the roof repaired and the windows in, Next project is plastering and putting in new fireplaces. Hopefully it will all be done before the winter ends!


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