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March 1999

River Tay - Kenmore, Castle, Point and Bolfracks Beats

The weather seems to have settled a little in March. Still quite a bit of snow up on Lawers, but the river is now at a lovely height. The fish seem to think so too. There have been reports of moving fish around Stanley during the second week and this was confirmed on the 13th of March with 2 fish taken in Kenmore. Bob McIntyre took a 10lb sea liced fish from the Point while Craig Morris had a singularly fresh fish from Shepherds. Bob put his fish back -- well done.

The fish from Shepherds was particularly acrobatic and tried to get off by crashing around in the rocks, but Craig knows his stuff and got it in. Both fish were taken on the fly, Bob's on a Kenmore Shrimp (same as an Ally's except tied with a gold metallic body instead of red and black). This fly seems to work weel in our clear water. Small sizes too, but fished on a sunk line (Wetcel II). There are more fish being seen, so perhaps we will see a few more grassed by the end of the month....Well it was not to be .. Just the two to report for the month from the river.

The Loch on the other hand has done well with 33 fish taken in one week by the Killin boats and Killin AC report that the Dochart is now coming on song. Killin AC now have a bag limit of six salmon per member. So far none have been returned. It is good news that a bag limit has been imposed, but a great shame that more spring fish are not being looked after. "Restraint" on Loch Tay seems to be an unknown word. One overseas angler caught and killed 10 salmon in a single week. In my book such behaviour is not acceptable, especially since loch boats use 3 rods. If loch boats continue to kill such high proportions don't be suprised if the law regarding one rod per angler is enforced!


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