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May 1999

River Tay - Kenmore, Castle, Point and Bolfracks Beats

May is the month when the spring runs usually arrive and this year was no exception. The month opened with the daffodils, cowslips and trees bursting into life and ended with bluebells. The first cuckoo was heard at the beginning of the month and by the end young otters were seen in the pools. Spring had arrived at last. The water was a little high at the beginning of the month, but was soon at a perfect height and stayed that way.

On the sixth John Young took a 12lb salmon from the Point with a yellow-belly devon and Mr Wren had a 9lber from the same pool on a Willie Gunn.

Jon Mitchell of Normark had a 12lber from the Point on the seventh with the fish returned.

The Nils-Erik Tornquist Party had six fish for the week on fly and worm from the Point Beat.

Bob McIntyre had fish of 9lb and 13lb ob the 15th and 17th. Both fell to upstream gold mepp no.2. This is a method which has been rarely practiced on this bit of water, so nice to know that it still works.

Grant Wright the Under-chef from the golf course decided to try his hand at fishing for the first time one evening. He had only been there 5 minutes when he hooked and landed a salmon of 18lb on an orange rappala in the Chinese Pool. The fish had a few sea lice on the head so had probably run up within the last 48 hours. Having been stuck on the bottom a couple of times he thought it had happened again until the rock started moving upstream! Some people have all the luck. Grant used to run the rafting on the river. Having experienced his first fish he commented that he now understood how anglers felt about rafters!

Grant's 18lber

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John and Elizabeth Money-Kyrle fished hard all week with only trout in the bag. Their persistence was rewarded with a sea-liced 14 1/2 lb salmon taken from the Point on a green and gold toby. John was using light tackle and played the fish for over half an hour (assisted by Elizabeth) and did well to get the fish in. This was John's first salmon so well done to both.

John & Elizabeth with their first salmon

A 14lber from the Point

Les Petty from the Kenmore Club took up fly fishing only this year. Fishing the Battery with an Ally's shrimp he hooked into a good fish. Unfortunately he was only using 10lb test line. This is a fast pool and Les struggled to keep the fish under control.

A tough fight

His patience after 45 minutes was rewarded with a sea-liced fish of 16 1/2 pounds.

Les Petty

Even better his boss Richard was there .. now he knows that Les really does catch fish!

Les & Richard

All the fish taken and seen during the month were fresh and clean as daisies. High to medium water conditions have suited the upper beats this season with many fish running high into the system. Fair numbers have now taken up residence in the pools and can be seen jumping about. Last year was awful for our beats (34 fish against a five year average of 100+). With close to thirty salmon grassed this season it looks like things are on the up again. This should not stop our efforts to assist the salmon as it is still a long way from the halcyon days when the estate did not even bother to record fish under 20lb many hundreds of which were taken in a season

The last 3 days of the month saw some massive hatches of sedges with huge clouds making their way upstream. A few small trout have now started to rise to the adults but as yet most activity has been sub-surface with small gold heads and pheasant tails accounting for most trout. A beautifully marked fish of 2lb was taken from the Castle pool. One trout angler hooked a salmon on a pheasant tail nymph and 6lb test, but lost it after half an hour! We now look forward to the yellow sally hatches which should be upon us in the next few weeks.


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