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  free fishing reports

Why file your reports on fishingnet?

Anglers looking for fishing in Perthshire and Scotland use fishingnet. If you want to promote your own fishery there is no better way than to file reports with fishingnet. Unlike papers and magazines the Internet is virtually instantaneous, so a report can be delivered quickly while it is still relevant.

Who can send in reports?

Reports are invited from anyone who lives or works on the rivers and lochs in Perthshire and Tayside. If you are an angler on the system we would like to share your experiences. If you produce good reports from other areas in Scotland they may also be included. We would especially like to hear from anglers, ghillies, fisheries managers and owners. All information must conform to our editorial policies.

What does it cost?

Not a penny, the service is free of charge.

How to get your text and images to us

Type up your text, preferably as a Word document and send it to us in an email. Remember to include your name so that the report can be accredited to you. It should also include a short "headline".

Photographs are a powerful promotional tool as the old adage goes. A picture of a happy angler holding his prize catch is much more effective than just another beat photo. Photographs can also be sent by email, simply add them as an attachment (In Outlook Express click on "insert" followed by "file attachment"). We can accept most formats, but JPEG (.jpg) is preferred for photographs and GIF (.gif) is preferred for logos and graphics. Images are best saved at a resolution of 72 dots per inch (dpi).

Emails should be sent to:

What happens next?

Reports are treated as a priority on fishingnet. We will therefore try to turn around reports the same day.



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