The Hotel Pool

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The Hotel Pool  

The head of the pool lies right under Kenmore Bridge. This is a great spot for spotting salmon. There are redds (where they spawn) above and below the bridge (look for clean gravel which the fish have dug out). There is a very steep drop-off from the head. The belly of the pool is really deep (over 16 feet in the summer and more in winter) so it pays to get lures down deep too. The Tail of the pool is braod and gravelly and is one of the best spawning areas around. Spawning fish and kelts can often be seen throughout January.

The new Restaurant at the Knemore Hotel can be seen on the right hand side. It has a great view!



Hotel Pool in low water  

The Hotel Pool is the site for the opening ceremony. In the Spring it is also one of the most likely spots to catch a salmon. Bob McIntyre the Head Ghillie has twice one the Kenmore Trophy from this pool (The Kenmore Trophy goes to the angler who catches the biggest bag by weight on opening day). This pool works well because fresh fish run up the river and then encounter the loch. So they have to adapt from flowing to still water. This can confuse them and they will hang about until they get their bearings.



Looking up towards the Kenmore Bridge  

Hotel pool in low waterLooking up towards the Kenmore Bridge. The River Tay actually starts 100m upstream of this bridge.

Considerable work was done in June 2000 repairing banks and a new path was constructed courtesy of Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust. This links with the North Terrace. This makes for a lovely walk.



Tail of the Hotel Pool  

Tail of the Hotel Pool

A great place to see spawning salmon in October/November as long as the water is not too high.




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