River Dochart fishing beats

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The River Dochart is the most westerly of the Tay tributaries. It starts close to the west coast as the River Cononish close to Tyndrum. Here it changes name again to the River Fillan, before adopting the name Dochart by Crianlarich. As with all upper reaches, fishing is highly dependent on water conditions. In 1998 for example, the high flows encouraged fish to move high and fast.

Fishing on the Dochart was exceptional in these circumstances. As one would expect the river is small until it reaches Killin. Here the Falls of Dochart can be a spectacular sight when in full spate. These falls can be impassible to salmon in low or cold water and frequently hold fish up. Fishing directly below the falls is restricted to members of Killin AC. Salmon fishing memberships are restricted to local residents and there is a waiting list, but trout and coarse fishing permits are readily available from the club.

River Dochart

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The Salmon Lie  

Directly next to the falls you will find the Clachaig Hotel which has a bar suitably called "The Salmon Lie". Not only is it worth checking out for the memorabilia and fishing maps and information, but its a great place to sit outdoors while enjoying a draft and the magnificent scenery. It must be one of the most photographed locations in Scotland!

Killin AC is well managed and offers a surprising amount of water, some of which is listed below. In addition some of the local estates also make fishing permits available. Further upstream much of the water is managed by Crianlarich AA


River Dochart Fishing Beats

Crianlarich AC Crianlarich AA Kinnell Fillan Suie/Auchlyne Suie
Auchesson Potnellan Portnellan Barncroft Craignavie
Leskine Ledcharrie Farm Clachaig Hotel Clachaig Hotel Killin AC Killin AC

River Dochart   .The Falls of Dochart


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