Fishing on the River Tay Perthshire and Tayside Scotland

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The River Tay is famous salmon fishing, but brown trout and coarse fish can also give good sport. The main stem can be broken down into three fishing sections: Loch Tay to the confluence with the Tummel, the Tummel to the Isla and from the Isla to the sea.

The river is one of Scotland's three premier salmon fisheries Over its course the river changes dramatically in character. In the headwaters it flows as a mere stream though upland moors, but below the confluence with the Tummel it as truly a big river.

Spring salmon are the favoured prey and are highly sought after. Unlike some rivers the spring run here has held up better than most. Salmon can be found in the river in all months of the year. The main runs take place in May/June and September/October. The salmon season runs from January 15th to October 15th.

Other species are also offer good sport. The brown trout season runs from March 14th till October 6th. There are some great hill lochs. Put and take fisheries some of which stay open all year offer further opportunities for rainbow trout. Some parts of the system contain superb coarse fishing. Loch Tay has produced pike to 34lb and trout to 30lb as well as perch and charr.

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It is also one of the largest catchments in the UK stretching from little more than a few miles of the west coast to the Firth. An immense amount of water flows down it, indeed more than the Severn and Thames combined. At Kenmore it can peak at over 200 cubic meters per second.

The river can be divided into three distinct sections:


Upper Tay Middle Tay Lower Tay
    The tay at Perth

The River Tay is deemed to start 100m above the bridge at Kenmore as it flows out of Loch Tay. Two major rivers The Dochart and the Lochay flow into the Loch further upstream so at birth the Tay is already a sizeable water course and is already 40m wide. Two miles down stream the Tay is joined by the River Lyon. From here down it is approximately 50m wide.


The River Tummel (with its own tributaries of the Garry and the Tilt) joins the Tay at Ballinluig by the A9. Much of the river is visible from this major road north. From here on down it must be classed as a large river and is about 80m wide. At Dunkeld it is joined by the Braan and eventually meets the Isla.


The Isla with its tributaries of the Ericht, Ardle and Blackwater join the Tay at Meiklour, while the River Almond flows in just below Stanley. Some of the most famous beats are to be found on this section. From Perth the Tay becomes tidal and is joined by the last major tributary - the Earn before reaching the Firth and eventually the sea at Dundee.


Upper Tay Beats
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Kenmore to Aberfeldy Map
Aberfeldy to Grandtully Map
Grandtully to Ballinluig Map
Middle Tay Beats
Where to Stay
Ballinluig to Dunkeld Map
Dunkeld to Caputh Map
Caputh to Meikleour Map
Lower Tay Beats
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Meikleour to Stanley Map
Stanley to Perth Map
Perth Town Map
Principal Beats on the Rivers Tay, Dochart, Isla, Tummel, Earn, Eden, Shee and Loch Tay.
Almondmouth  (FishTay Page)


Lower River Tay

Almondmouth is one of the most prolific beats on the Tay. It is located right on the high tide limit at Perth and every salmon entering the Tay must pass through it.

Waulkmill  (FishTay Page)


Lower River Tay

The Waulkmill Beat forms the lower part of that stretch of river formerly known as the Lower Scone Salmon Fishings.

Lower Redgorton Website

Lower Redgorton

Lower River Tay

Salmon fishing for sale. Consists of 1.35 miles of some of the finest water on the Tay, all of which is excellent fly water.

Catholes and Luncarty (FishTay Page)


Lower River Tay

Catholes is situated about 7 miles from the tidal reaches at the upper part of the village of Stanley. Luncarty is a small beat about 4 miles from the tidal reaches at the village of Luncarty

Luncarty (FishTay Web Page)


Lower River Tay

Luncarty Pool is small beat of about half-a-mile long. It fishes well in high water but has proved a good resting place in low water as well.

Fishponds (FishTay Web Page)


Lower River Tay

The Fishponds beat forms the upper part of that stretch of the river formerly known as the Lower Scone Salmon Fishings.

Benchil (FishTay Web Page)


Lower River Tay

Benchil is situated just below the village of Stanley and is one of the most picturesque beats on the river Tay. Benchil Spring Fishing is about five miles above the tidal reaches and offers many different types of pools to fish.

Benchil and Pitlochrie (FishTay Web Page)


Lower River Tay

Benchil and Pitlochrie are amongst the most attractive beats on the Tay and are fished together on an alternative day basis from Monday 3rd July until the end of the season in October.



Lower River Tay

The Burnmouth & Catholes fishings extend for approximately one mile of double bank fishing with 19 pools and are situated immediately below the Campsie Linn, the main temperature barrier of the river.

Stobhall (FishTay Web Page)


Lower River Tay

Stobhall is one of the finest beats on the River Tay. It is subdivided into two beats, Upper and Lower Stobhall which Stobhall anglers fish on alternate days.

Taymount (FishTay Web Page)


Lower River Tay

Taymount is one of the most legendary beats on the River Tay. It is subdivided into two beats, Upper and Lower, which Taymount anglers fish on alternate days, alternating with Stobhall.

Ballathie (FishTay Web Page)


Lower River Tay

Ballathie is one of the best known and one of the most productive beats on the Tay. It is subdivided into two double-bank beats, Upper and Lower which Ballathie anglers fish on alternate days.

Carghill Website


Lower River Tay

Cargill is one of the most productive and best known beats on the Tay. The beat is divided into two double bank beats, upper and lower Cargill which are fished on alternate days. Anglers will fish the Lower beat on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the Upper beat on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Islamouth Website


Lower River Tay

This is a mile and a quarter double bank beat and the opportunities for wading are exceptional. There is a roomy and secure boathouse with full facilities where lunch can be taken.

Meikleour House Website

Meikleour House

Middle River Tay

The Meikleour House Beat runs for a mile and a half both upstream and down from the house, on both banks of the river. Although offering some excellent fly fishing, spinning is acceptable and indeed encouraged in high water.

Kercock Website


Middle River Tay

The Kercock Fishings lie immediately upstream of Meikleour House fishings and Islamouth, and now provide two and a quarter miles of double bank fishing with 14 named pools, including the famed GeanTree, Dungeon, Garden and Cottage Stream Pools.

Baldarroch (FishTay Web Page)


Middle River Tay

As the Tay leaves Dunkeld, it broadens out into quieter water, and as it reaches Baldarroch, it is at one of its widest points before becoming tidal.

Murthly 1 (FishTay Web Page)

Murthly 1

Middle River Tay

Murthly Beat 1 is one of the best fly fishing waters on the Tay. There are two separate beats the Upper Beat and the Lower Beat.

Stenton (FishTay Web Page)


Middle River Tay

This is one of the most picturesque beats on the River Tay with seven superbpools offering the fly fisherman sport the whole length of the beat. The beat fishes well in all heights of water, from late spring and summer into the autumn.

Murthly 2 (FishTay Web Page)

Murthly 2

Middle River Tay

Murthly Beat 2 is one of the best beats on the Tay. For flyfishing it has few equals. There are two separate beats the Upper Beat and Stenton which are fished on alternate days. In 2005 the Upper Beat is fished on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and Stenton on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Newtyle Website


Middle River Tay

The beats offer quality Middle Tay salmon fishing with excellent high- and low-water fly fishing. Spinning is permitted under the guidance of the Head Ghillie. Our Victorian-style fishing hut is probably the one with most character of all the Tay huts, with a welcoming coal fire for the cooler months.

Dunkeld House (Bank) (FishTay Web Page)

Dunkeld House


Dunkeld House Fishings is one of the most scenic beats on the Middle Tay. Situated immediately above Dunkeld's Old Tay Bridge, the beat boasts 14 named pools, with fishing available on both banks. Water conditions permitting, two boats and 2 ghillies work the beat, offering every type of salmon fishing for our guests' enjoyment. Prices are PER BOAT.

Dalguise  Website


Middle River Tay

The Dalguise beat is situated about 2 miles downstream of the confluence of the Tay and the Tummel and extends to over 1¼ miles of double bank fishing on the MiddleTay. Dalguise provides excellent salmon fishing for a maximum of six rods with one boat and a ghillie and enjoyed an excellent season in 2005. There are 9 main pools on this remarkably consistent beat, and access along the river bank is good. There is also an excellent fishing hut overlooking the middle of the beat. (Website)

Lower Kinnaird Website

Lower Kinnaird

Middle River Tay

The Lower Kinnaird beat is 2 miles double bank fishing, and starts with the junction of the Tay and Tummel rivers. Junction pool, ferry stream, swimming pool, Island stream, green bank, ash trees, new pool, fir trees, Kindallachan and Guay pool are the best pools on the beat. It ranks as one of the best fly beats on the entire Tay system and Lower Kinnaird fishing has had the pleasure of accommodating members of the royal family in years past.

Upper Kinnaird  Website

Upper Kinnaird

Middle River Tay

It is approximately 2 miles long and consists of some very slow deep water. the best pool is the Newton pool which is 55ft at it's deepest. A boat can always be worked trolling at all heights on this beat. From the bank the most productive methods are spinning and worming. The lower section is fished 6 days a week and consists of approximately half a mile of Tay water and half a mile of Tummel water.

Edradynate Website


Upper River Tay

The beat consists of 1 mile single (left) bank fishing plus one mile double bank fishing. The beat contains the legendary Church Pool, a long deep holding pool, perhaps the best on the Upper Tay and long famed for producing monsters. The beat contains a mixture of strong flowing pools like the Church Pool and some faster streams. Both fly and spinner are probably required to get the best out of the beat, especially with higher water, but there are some excellent runs for the fly.

Derculich (FishTay Page)


Upper River Tay


Findynate (FishTay Page)


Upper River Tay

The Findynate Fishing's are noted as being one of the most attractive stretches of fly water on the upper Tay set in the beautiful scenery of highland Perthshire.

Upper Farleyer Website

Upper Farleyer

Upper River Tay

The Upper Farleyer beat is one of the best beats on the Upper Tay. It comprises of single (left) bank fishing commencing at the junction of the Tay and the Lyon and extending 1.25 miles downstream, opposite the Bolfracks beat. Aileen Craggan Website

Taymouth (Kenmore) (Fishingnet Page)


Upper River Tay

Fishing on the Kenmore Beat starts at the Kenmore Bridge and offers double bank fishing on four named pools to the Chinese Bridge. Salmon fishings are let by the Kenmore Hotel.

Ardeonaig  Website


Loch Tay

The central and west beats of Loch Tay are often where the first and largest salmon are caught on the tay system every year. Trolling is the order of the day with rappala’s and kynochs taking preference. This surely is one of the best ways to fish this area, taking in the magnificent scenery, snow capped peaks and even ospreys while sharing fishing yarns with your ghillie. All boats and equipment are kept to a very high standard with new boats being added to the fleet every year.

Loch Tay Fish 'N' Trips Website

Loch Tay Fish 'N' Trips

Loch Tay

Loch Tay Fish n' Trips offers guided salmon fishing on Loch Tay with ghillie, Grant Tigwell. The boat operates from Killin and trolls for salmon on the west end of the loch, which is by far the best part of the loch.

Highland Lodges Website

Highland Lodges

Loch Tay

The Location of Loch Tay Highland Lodges at Milton Morenish makes it ideal for fishing on both the middle and western beats of the loch. Salmon taken from the loch over recent years have been increasing in both quality and numbers, the largest being slightly in excess of 40lbs.


Lower Aberuthven

River Earn

The Lower Aberuthven beat is on the Earn half a mile east of Aberuthven village. The beat is one mile long and has seven main hlding pools depending on river height. There is safe wading and good access for the less able.

Lochlane and Laggan (FishTay Page)

Lochlane and Laggan

River Earn

Lochlane and Laggan fishings offer some of the very best fly fishing to be found on the River Earn.

Trinity Gask 

Trinity Gask

River Earn

The Trinity Gask Fishing Syndicate controls approximately 5 miles of excellent single bank Salmon & Sea Trout fishing on the River Earn near Auchterarder.

Kinkell Bridge

Kinkell Bridge

River Earn

The Kinkell Beat is a lovely middle beat on the River Earn, by Auchterarder in Perthshire Scotland. It offers fishing for salmon, sea trout, brown trout and grayling.

Crieff Angling Club

Crieff Angling Club

River Earn

Crieff Angling Club controls three beats on the River Earn: Upper Strowan, Braidhaugh, and Drummond Castle which together cover some 5 miles of the river, mostly both banks. Permit is by Day Ticket or Club Membership.

Islabank Website


River Isla

A superbly appointed and comfortable fishing hut has been erected overlooking the river and will afford quality hospitality during your stay. A fully fitted kitchen, electricity and toilet facilities will enhance your experience on the Islabank. Off road parking and access to the beat is extremely good as the road runs close by throughout the length of the fishings and a short walk gives access to all pools.

Coupar Grange Website

Coupar Grange

River Isla

With sixteen named pools and runs, the three year average for springers is over 160 fish and the summer salmon and grilse take the yearly average to over 400 fish. Fly fishing accounts for 80% of the fish but spinning also does well. Certain areas are reserved for fly only fishing. A ghillie can be arranged for fishers unfamiliar with the water.

Cray Website


River Ericht, Lower Shee Water

There’s fishing for trout and salmon almost on the doorstep. The salmon and trout fishing season on Shee Water and Black Water (Glenshee) is from 15 April to 15 October. Loch trout fishing is also available on a couple of local lochs.

Finegand Website


River Shee

The River Shee running through Finegand "the Ericht is the jewel in the crown of the Tay system and Finegand is the jewel of the Ericht". The Shee Water, which is the head waters of the river Ericht and a tributary of the Tay provides exciting salmon fishing, where sport can be expected to come thick

Pitlochry Angling Club  Website

Lower Tummel

River Tummel

The Lower Tummel Beat extends from Moulinearn to Ballinluig, and can be fished from either bank. It can fish well for grilse in summer, by fly or spinner. Four anglers per day.

Portnacraig  Website


River Tummel

The River Tummel is a large river, noted for its spring salmon, and also with runs of summer salmon and grilse. The Portnacraig Beat extends from a marker post about 100 metres below Pitlochry Dam down to the bottom of Milton of Fonab Caravan Site, and is from the south bank only. Three anglers per day Advance booking recommended, particularly for mid March to mid June.

Ruan Ruarie  Website

Ruan Ruarie

River Garry

The River Garry is a medium sized, spate river. The Ruan Ruarie Beat is at the Pass of Killiecrankie. East bank only. Four anglers per day. Salmon have to ascend the Pitlochry Salmon Ladder at Pitlochry Dam to reach the beat. Generally sufficient have done so by late April to make fishing worthwhile. From then on to the end of the season, the beat can provide excellent fishing for the runs of summer salmon and grilse. Advance booking recommended. Worm not allowed on this beat in September or October.

 Pitlochry Boating  WebsiteStation

Pitlochry Boating Station

Loch Faskally

Loch Faskally gets on average 5500 salmon passing through its waters each year, which makes it a fantastic loch for salmon fishing. In total we have 17 fishing boats ranging from 12ft - 15ft long all of which can be supplied with 4 Hp outboard motors and fishing rod holders. At Pitlochry Boating Station you can also hire fishing rods and tackle from our small fishing tackle counter.

Leskine Farm (FishTay Page)

Leskine Farm

River Dochart

South Chesthill (FishTay Page)

South Chesthill

River Lyon

These fishings encompass the Inverinain, Chesthill and Culdaremore beats of the River Lyon amongst beautiful scenery.

Meggernie (FishTay Page)


River Lyon

The river running through the estate provides some exceptionally attractive scenery and it has to be admitted that many of our present fishing tenants who have been returning for many years come to enjoy the scenery and tranquility and the fishing is taken as a bonus.

Eden AA (FishTay Page)

Eden AA

River Eden

Nearly all of the publicly available fishing on the river Eden is controlled by the Eden Angling Association. Their fishings consist of approximately 15 miles of mainly double bank fishing extending from about 4 miles from the river head to the sea at St. Andrews.



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