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The Tay Ghillies Association was formed in October 1998 in response to continued declines in salmon stocks on the Tay system. Not only does this pose a threat to the sport of angling, but it places in jeopardy the livelihoods of many river keepers and ghillies - the very people who look after the river.

It was also felt that the voice of those working on the river was not being heard and that a forum was required where the ghillies could express their views. Visiting speakers have also been invited to meetings so that an exchange of information is promoted.

Full membership of the association is open to ghillies employed on the Tay system. The group meets regularly at the Tayside Hotel Stanley and the Ballinluig Inn. Ghillies from all parts of the river are represented.

Prawn Ban
The Association initially objected to the ban on prawn fishing on the Tay. Concerns were raised that loyal tenants would be lost and that the economy of the river would be further undermined. Since the introduction of the ban The Association has provided a forum for debate of the matter and presentations by those in favour of this conservation measure carried the day. The Association is now fully behind the Boards actions and woe betide anybody using prawns!

Cooperation with Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board
A meeting was held with representatives of the Board. It was intimated that more positive action should be taken and less money spent on research.

It was also suggested that a ghillie be co-opted on to the District Board to represent all the ghillies on the Tay system.

Dr. David Summers
Following the appointment of Dr. David Summers to TDSFB as Fisheries Manager for the Tay System a most informative meeting was held with him at Ballinluig. The Association now has regular contact with the Board and together we hope to do great things to help the River Tay

The Association is pleased to report that membership is already highly representative of the vocation. However The Association would like to see full participation of all ghillies on the system. Annual membership costs £10 and is available from:


Mr Duncan Glass
Tay Ghillies Association
Wellesley House
West Brae
East Wemyss

Tel. 01592 716 294

Fund Raising
It was decided that the Association would endeavor to raise funds which could later be used to help with hatcheries and smolt traps etc. As a result the Association ran a Donkey Derby and Fun Day Fete at Ballinluig, both of which were an outstanding success. See the full story and pictures of the 2000 event

The Association has subsequently applied for Charitable status and is in the process of applying for grants for conservation work.

Action Taken - Restocking
The Association was able to buy two very large holding tanks to assist in the Almondbank salmon restocking programme. - See the Full Story and picture . The Association is also provided labour and joinery skills and constructed the tank surrounds.

Action Taken - Hatcheries
Redundant hatchery equipment has kindly been donated to the Association for use in the restocking hatcheries. The association has arranged transport of the troughs and trays.

Action taken - Prize Draw
All funds raised by the Association will be used to purchase hatchery equipment and to finance any suitable restocking programmes. Anyone interested in helping our attempt to restore the Tay run of salmon can please send donations, however small, payable to "Tay Ghillies Association" via the Treasurer (address at bottom of page)
This year's prize draw has now been completed, but if you would like to help with the 2001 draw, please contact the Association

Action Taken - Angling Auction
In Year 2000 the Association hosted an auction of angling to generate further funds for the hatchery and restocking programmes. Ghillies, Fishery owners, Tackle Manufacturers and Accommodation Providers were most generous in their donations and we hope to hold a similar event in 2001.
Please call
Jimmy Tritton on
01796 482 331
or mobile 0789 999 0159


Tay Ghillies donate broodstock tanks to restocking programme


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